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"People Flung Into Lockers": Singapore Flight Passenger Recounts Horror

There was little warning of the chaos that was about to be unleashed onboard Singapore Airlines flight SQ321.

Singapore Flight Hit By Turbulence Dropped 6,000 Feet In Just 5 Minutes

One person was killed and 30 injured Tuesday when a Singapore Airlines Boeing 777 hit severe turbulence on a flight from London and was forced to make an emergency landing in Bangkok.

Trump Campaign Team Vows Lawsuit Over Controversial Biopic 'The Apprentice'

Donald Trump's team has vowed to sue over a biopic about his early years that includes rape, erectile dysfunction and ruthless betrayal, but the makers said on Tuesday the film allowed viewers to feel "sympathy" with the ex-president.

‘Close to a police state’: campaign groups condemn UK report into protests

Report calls for curb on many activities and recommends making protest organisers pay towards policingProtest groups have condemned a long-awaited report on their activity that recommends a review of undercover surveillance of activists and making protest organisers pay towards policing.The 292-page report by John Woodcock, now Lord Walney, entitled Protecting Democracy from Coercion, calls for a curb on many activities, including a blanket ban on face coverings at protests and making it easier for businesses to claim damages from protesters who cause disruption. Continue reading...

Olympic torch ascends Cannes red carpet

French athletes carried the Olympic torch up the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday, as it makes its way to the capital for the Summer Olympics.The torch landed in the southern port city of Marseille earlier this month on board a 19th-century ship that had sailed it all the way from Greece.It is now on a meandering route across France -- and its overseas territories -- building up to the Paris Games, which run from July 26 to August 11.On the red carpet, French basketball player Iliana Rupert was among those to hold the torch to the sound of tunes from sporty film soundtracks -- including "Chariots of Fire," about runners training for the 1924 Paris Olympics.Retired sprinter and three-time Olympic gold medallist Marie-Jo Perec had her turn, as did the chief organizer of the Games, Tony Estanguet.The Olympic flame is set to travel through 400 towns and dozens of tourist attractions during its 12,000-kilometre (7,500-mile) journey through mainland France, as well as visiting overseas French territories in the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Pacific.Authorities have said anti-terror and riot police in vehicles as well as anti-drone specialists would be permanently but discreetly deployed as the torch moves around.