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Hospitals complain problems persist a year after L.A. Care was hit with record fines

One year after L.A. Care was hit with record fines by state regulators, Southern California hospitals complain that problems at the publicly operated health plan have persisted.

Bad bets, dysfunction: Inside the collapse of the Skid Row Housing Trust

The Skid Row Housing Trust was a model for nonprofits housing homeless people in Los Angeles. Behind the scenes, it was imploding — leaving tenants in squalor.

What are California lawmakers doing to fix the housing crisis? A look at 2023's new bills

California lawmakers are considering bills to address the housing shortage that's increased costs of living and worsened homelessness in the state.

States' divisions on abortion widen after Roe overturned

GOP lawmakers in states with abortion bans already in place are pushing to make them more restrictive, while blue state officials are trying to expand abortion access

Horse racing's national anti-doping program starts Monday

Horse racing’s efforts to clean up the sport and level the playing field are taking another step forward with the launch of a new anti-doping program