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Trump's Birthday Speech On Tax Cuts, Immigrants Raises Eyebrows: 'Our Country Has Never Been In Danger Like It Is In Danger Right Now'

Trump used his birthday speech to promise deeper tax cuts, warn of terrorism threats and criticize Biden's immigration policies. read more

Trump Vs. Biden: Latest Poll Results In Key State Of Virginia Spells Trouble For One Candidate And His Party

A recent poll shows a tie between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump in Virginia, a state that has been under Democratic control for the last two decades. read more

Donald Trump Had Several Discussions About 'Executing' People, Says Ex-Trump Official: 'How Do You Rationalize That Is A Person Fit ... To Be President Of The United States?'

Alyssa Farah Griffin, a former official from the Trump White House, disclosed that ex-President Donald Trump had discussions about "executing" people in several White House meetings. read more

DeSantis Can't Get Past The Odor Of Weed To Smell The Flowers — Specifically, $430M Annually In Cannabis Revenue

Florida economists estimate that legalizing marijuana could generate up to $431 million annually in sales tax revenue. read more

Donald Trump's Planned Visit To Black Church In Detroit Draws Backlash From Critics Who Say He Didn't Do Enough As President

Donald Trump's planned visit to a Black church in Detroit aims to sway voters from Joe Biden. read more