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30 years after attack on Argentina's Jewish center, Milei makes promises. But the anguish remains

On each passing anniversary of the deadly 1994 attack against Argentina’s largest Jewish community center, Diana Malamud said she endures a brutal “Groundhog’s Day.”

‘Just missed’: German comedian loses job over Trump shooting joke

Sebastian Hotz, aka El Hotzo, was dropped from his radio show and provoked anger from Elon Musk after now-deleted posts on XA 28-year-old German comedian has got into trouble with Donald Trump supporters and then Elon Musk after sending a series of tweets appearing to welcome the assassination attempt on the former US president.Sebastian Hotz, who posts and performs as El Hotzo, lost his job with a public broadcaster this week for a series of tweets on X, Musk’s social media platform, after Trump narrowly escaped death, saying that the attempt had been like the last bus – “unfortunately, just missed”. Continue reading...

France's divided National Assembly votes to keep centrist speaker as political turmoil persists

France’s divided National Assembly has kept a centrist member of President Emmanuel Macron’s party as speaker

Protesters attack Bangladeshi state broadcaster after PM’s call for calm

Incensed crowd facing riot police set BTV building on fire as students demand end to discriminatory job quotas Bangladeshi students have set fire to the state broadcaster’s building a day after the prime minister, Sheikh Hasina, appeared on the network seeking to calm escalating clashes that had killed at least 39 people.Hundreds of protesters demanding reform of civil service hiring rules clashed with riot police who had shot at them with rubber bullets on Thursday, chasing the retreating officers to BTV’s headquarters in the capital, Dhaka. Continue reading...

Group says photos of reclusive tribe on Peru beach show logging concessions are 'dangerously close'

An advocacy group for Indigenous peoples has released photographs of a reclusive tribe’s members searching for food on a beach in the Peruvian Amazon