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Reddit Strikes AI Content Licensing Deal With Google: Report

Social media platform Reddit has struck a deal with Google to make its content available for training the search engine giant's artificial intelligence models, three people familiar with the matter said.

US Approves $75 Million Tactical Data Link Sale To Taiwan Amid China Tension

The U.S. State Department has approved the potential sale to Taiwan of about $75 million of advanced tactical data link system upgrade planning, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.

Explained: Why US Cop Who Killed Indian Student Was Freed By Court

Jaahnavi Kandula, a 23-year-old Indian student, was killed after being hit by a speeding police vehicle in the US state of Washington on January 23 last year.

UK quits treaty that lets fossil fuel firms sue governments over climate policies

Britain joins France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands in withdrawing from charter it says ‘penalises’ shift to net zeroThe UK is pulling out of a treaty that lets fossil fuel firms sue governments over their climate policies.The government said the UK was withdrawing from the energy charter treaty after efforts to modernise it ended in stalemate. Continue reading...

Middle East crisis live: ‘promising’ signs of progress on new Gaza hostage deal, says Israel war cabinet member

Comments by Benny Gantz come as Israel continues to threaten a ground invasion of RafahIn a collective appeal, heads of UN humanitarian entities and global NGOs have implored world leaders to help prevent further deterioration of the crisis in Gaza.The principals of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC), the coordinating body of global humanitarian organisations, released a statement on Wednesday in which it said “civilians in Gaza are in extreme peril while the world watches on”. It listed ten requirements “to avoid an even worse catastrophe”.We are calling on Israel to fulfil its legal obligation, under international humanitarian and human rights law, to provide food and medical supplies and facilitate aid operations, and on the world’s leaders to prevent an even worse catastrophe from happening.” Continue reading...