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When is Trump’s RNC speech? How to watch and what’s at stake

The former president will speak from the Republican national convention in Milwaukee on Thursday nightRepublican national convention - latest updatesRepublican national convention 2024 – a guideThe biggest event of the Republican convention kicks off Thursday night, with Donald Trump’s address to thousands of party loyalists in attendance.Trump appeared at the opening night of the Republican national convention on Monday, when he was greeted with thunderous applause, marking his first public appearance since surviving an assassination attempt at his campaign rally. Earlier in the day, Trump announced JD Vance, the Ohio senator and once vocal critic of Trump, as his running mate. Continue reading...

Lindsey Graham makes 180-switch on J.D. Vance after Trump nominated him for V.P.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is making a big flip on his Senate colleague J.D. Vance (R-OH) now that he's Donald Trump's official running mate. Washington Post writer Aaron Blake recalled Graham's attack on Vance just a few months ago. Vance penned a column for the New York Times on Ukraine funding. Graham responded by calling it "garbage." "I challenge J.D. Vance to go to Ukraine and get a briefing from the Ukrainian military and talk to the Ukrainian people. Then tell me what you think. Quit talking about things you don't know anything about until you go," knocked Graham while speaking on Fox Sunday. EXCLUSIVE: Trump ‘secretary of retribution’ won't discuss his ‘target list’ at RNC"He's wrong about the whole concept that we can deal with multiple problems," Graham said. "The idea that we can't help Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan at the same time, I reject that. I reject it totally."Vance alleged that the U.S. couldn't handle more than one conflict at a time as it did for 10 years with American troops on the ground in Afghanistan and Iraq. Vance served as a military journalist for a few months in Iraq. On Thursday, Graham changed his thoughts. "Vance did a great job last night," he posted on the social media site X. "He has one of the most compelling stories in American politics. I know he’ll be an effective advocate for the America First agenda. Under the Biden-Harris Administration, the world is a very dangerous place. We need President @realDonaldTrump now. The party is united. We’re ready to win. On to victory!"Graham is a huge proponent of fighting Russia by supporting Ukraine. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov endorsed Vance, said former Ambassador Michael McFaul on X. "The choice for American voters on foreign policy in November gets even clearer," he wrote. "Biden/Harris support democracy and opposes autocrats. Trump/Vance support autocrats and oppose democrats. Americans have a clear choice. No ambiguity on this issue."

Police car turned over and vehicles set alight in disorder in Leeds

People told to stay at home due to unrest in Harehills area of West Yorkshire city A police car was flipped on to its side after unrest broke out in Leeds on Thursday evening, and local people were advised to stay at home.Footage on social media appeared to show people throwing objects at the police vehicle before it was pushed over in Harehills, just east of the city centre. Continue reading...

Trump-Style Ear Bandages New Trend At Republican National Convention

At the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee this week, a fashion trend with a difference has emerged - fake ear bandages, donned by attendees as a symbolic gesture of support for Donald Trump.

English councils call for further delay to social care costs cap

Funding and staffing shortages mean plan to introduce cap in October 2025 impossible to deliver, councils sayLong-awaited changes designed to protect individuals from having to sell their homes to meet large social care bills must be further delayed because of funding and staffing shortages, the leaders of England’s largest councils have said.Plans to introduce a cap on social care costs – which would limit people’s lifetime care cost contributions to a maximum of £86,000 – in October 2025 will be impossible to deliver, the County Councils Network (CCN) said. Continue reading...