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People are obsessed with this weird pizza box. The company behind it won't discuss it

A ubiquitous pizza box features two mismatched chefs and an odd culinary command — "Enjoy your delicious moments!" — puzzling internet denizens for years.

2026 California lieutenant governor race begins to take shape

Former Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs, California Treasurer Fiona Ma and Sen. Steven Bradford are running for California lieutenant governor in 2026.

Wild claims of mass child molestation rocked an L.A. beach town. Truth was the first casualty

The McMartin Preschool trial ended with zero convictions. "McMartin" became a byword for social contagion, hysteria and the epic failure of trusted institutions: law enforcement, courts, the child-therapy establishment and the media.

Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade is a retail relic. Can it be saved?

Confronting years of stagnation, public safety concerns and changing retail norms, commercial landlords and Santa Monica officials are trying to revitalize the Third Street Promenade.

L.A. County wants to give evicted tenants free lawyers. Landlords say it won't help

L.A. County supervisors say their version of a 'right to counsel' law would shift the power dynamic between landlords and their tenants.