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How we tested for pesticides

California doesn't pull legal weed from store shelves to test for pesticides; we did and found dangerous chemicals

A new threat to cannabis users: Smuggled Chinese pesticides

Cannabis growers tap into an outlaw market of banned, smuggled chemicals, putting public health at risk.

Contaminated weed in you

Consuming weed that is contaminated with dangerous chemicals can have severe impacts on health including neurological damage, endocrine disruption, reproductive harm, loss of appetite, weakness and heart failure.

A draft resister, a judge and the moment that still binds them after 54 years

Bob Zaugh was one of many young men who resisted the U.S. military draft during the Vietnam War. How a tough federal judge handled his case changed both of their lives.

Californians less likely to vote cite a common reason: They don't like the presidential candidates

The rematch between President Biden and former President Trump may keep some voters away from the polls, a new UC Berkeley poll finds.