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In Men's Central Jail, fires are common, smoke alarms are not: Smells 'like a campfire'

In Men's Central Jail, they say, there is almost always something burning. But there are no smoke alarms where inmates live.

'A ticking time bomb': Why California can't provide safe drinking water to all its residents

More than a decade after California passed the Human Right to Water Act, about 1 million residents still lack access to clean, safe, affordable water.

Man shot by LAPD officers who mistook cellphone for gun wins $2.35 million at trial

A federal jury ruled that LAPD officers were responsible for violating Dexter White's rights when they shot him after mistaking his cellphone for a gun in South L.A. in 2018, awarding him $2.35 million in damages.

LAUSD ends COVID-19 vaccine mandate for staff. Displaced workers can apply for openings

LAUSD may have been among the last public school systems to repeal its COVID vaccine mandate. Officials are making no apologies.

Column: Is age really just a number? Not when it comes to Biden and Trump

Is Biden too old to be president? Is Trump? 'It's not about, "Are you too old for the job?" It's "Can you get the job done?"'