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When My 8-Year-Old Said These 5 Horrifying Words, I Had To Change Everything About My Parenting

"She was screaming at us through her behavior… to listen."

California Confronts the Threat of ‘Tranq’ as Overdose Crisis Rages

California officials are stepping up efforts to combat the spread of xylazine, a powerful animal sedative that’s increasingly being used by people, often with devastating results. It’s mostly been an East Coast phenomenon, but ‘tranq,’ as it is known, is beginning to appear in the Golden State.

Will a ‘National Patient Safety Board,’ Modeled After the NTSB, Actually Fly?

A push is underway to create a National Patient Safety Board modeled after the National Transportation Safety Board, an independent federal agency that investigates plane crashes and other transportation disasters. But unlike the NTSB, some patient safety advocates say, the current proposal is toothless and wouldn’t provide transparency about the nation’s hospitals.

Danny Bonaduce Bound For Brain Surgery After Losing His Ability To Walk

Bonaduce revealed he's suffering from hydrocephalus, a condition caused by a buildup of liquid around the brain.

Do You Need A Full-Body MRI Scan? Probably Not, Experts Say

Whole body MRI scans may lead to unnecessary follow-up tests that are not only expensive, but also anxiety-inducing, experts say.