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Does Your Kid Need a Summer Vacation From Smartphones?

An expert suggests parents should focus on their child’s behavior toward their phone. If something seems different or problematic, that might be a warning sign of too much screen time.

ASCO President Eric Winer on Partnering With the Patient

Studies prove that patients receive better care when they have a bond with their medical team. Here's how to strengthen that partnership.

Sharon Stone Says She Hasn't Had Work Since Her 2001 Stroke

Stone explained why supporting disabled people is a diversity issue during a Hollywood luncheon last week.

Loneliness Can Cut Survival After a Cancer Diagnosis

New research suggests that cancer survivors who feel lonely may be more likely to die than survivors who have more social support.

How a Retreat Can Rest and Refresh Your Brain

Whether it's a weekend getaway to a tranquil location or a longer retreat at a wellness center, these retreats offer a valuable opportunity to rejuvenate your mind. The post How a Retreat Can Rest and Refresh Your Brain appeared first on Health and Natural Healing Tips.