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Advances in Treatment for Major Depressive Disorder

Treatment for depression isn't just about all the old antidepressants you've already heard of. The new generation of drugs may work faster, and nondrug treatments also are effective.

Major Depressive Disorder and the Changes It Brings

Learn about ways that major depressive disorder may affect you, including changes in energy level and appetite.

Why Do Professional Athletes Use Acupuncture For Pain Relief?

Are you curious about why professional athletes use acupuncture for pain relief? While the usefulness of acupuncture is still being studied scientifically, many athletes and medical professionals believe it has potential benefits that can complement conventional medical approaches. Acupuncture is a Chinese medicine technique that involves the insertion of tiny needles into the body to promote self-healing and restore the equilibrium of life force. Here are some of the reasons why professional athletes use acupuncture for pain relief: it releases endorphins and reduces inflammation, promotes muscle relaxation and improved blood flow, and enhances range of motion and flexibility. By targeting specific acupuncture points associated with muscle groups and joints, the practice aims to reduce stiffness and increase flexibility, which can optimize recovery and prevent future injuries related to restricted movement. The post Why Do Professional Athletes Use Acupuncture For Pain Relief? appeared first on Health and Natural Healing Tips.

Shop Around to Save on Drug Prices

Should you shop around for prescription drugs? Learn ways to compare drug prices to find more affordable options.

Can an App Help You Manage MS?

You’ll find tons of apps for multiple sclerosis, but they won’t all suit your needs. Here’s how to choose the right MS app for you, whether you want a serious tool to monitor your health or a useful app to help you stay on top of your medications and appointments.