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Trump or Biden? Either Way, Tariffs Will Likely Remain on Imports

There will be barriers to imports no matter who wins the presidential election, but there are significant differences in the policies that guide these economic protections.

The EU Takes Global Lead on AI Safety Laws and Protections

The laws taking effect in Europe next month go further and bite harder thanother national policies on AI misuse and safeguards.

How 'Shark Tank' Investor Matt Higgins Found Success by Asking Just One Question

From selling flowers on the street to becoming a successful businessman and judge on 'Shark Tank,' the entrepreneur shared his story with the 2024 graduates of Molloy University

Are Voice Notes the Next Workplace Messages to Answer--or Ignore?

People are increasingly sending spokennotes instead of text messages and email in personal communications, raising the risk thatlistening to meandering voice memos may become a work chore, too.

Your Sink is the Site of the New Front in Cyberattacks

The Environmental Protection Agency sees a growingtrend of foreign hacking attacks and warns water utilities to be more vigilant.