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China's Anti-corruption Sweep Hits DouYu As CEO Chen Shaojie Mysteriously Vanishes

In a stunning twist, DouYu International Holdings Limited's (NASDAQ: DOYU) CEO Chen Shaojie has gone missing amid an anti-corruption crackdown of top executives, read more

Army Fires Black Woman Commander, Cites ‘Loss Of Confidence In Her Ability’

A Black woman commander has been fired by the Army after leading major brigade, 'loss of confidence in her ability' cited as reason.

Chicago Gang Leader Admits To Drug Trafficking And Attempting To Send Money To ISIS

An alleged Chicago gang leader has pleaded guilty to charges of drug trafficking and attempting to send money to the terrorist group ISIS.

Lionel Messi To The Rescue: Could Soccer Superstar Help Beer Company Move Past Boycott And Backlash?

Beer company Anheuser-Busch has been hurt by boycotts of its Bud Light brand but could have a winning partnership with its Michelob Ultra brand thanks to Lionel Messi read more

This 1 Emotion Can Tip the Scale in Your Favor

Expressing this emotion can help you win the negotiation, close the sale, and be a more effective leader.