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High School Graduate And His Father Involved In Fatal Shooting Minutes Following Ceremony

A mass shooting following a high school graduation left a graduate and his father dead.

Teen Cashier Receives Generous Tip Of $2,500 For His ‘Hard Work’ And ‘Good Attitude’

The $2,500 tip, however, will help Lumpkins achieve one of his short-term goals—to buy his first car.

5 Simple Tweaks for Better Email Deliverability

Email success starts in the inbox. Learn five easy ways to tweak your strategy so you can achieve better email deliverability.

How Leveraging External Trainers Can Advance Your Companies Growth and Talent Optimization

Discover how your organization can use external trainers to build capabilities, lower training cost and create a sustainable workforce for the future, while still delivering high-quality training and lasting results.

Nicki Minaj Sued For Allegedly Returning Damaged Jewelry

Nicki Minaj is getting sued for allegedly returning damaged jewelry.